Monday, 2 November 2009

Govt Warns Miners over Pawon Cave

Sundanese Corner

West Bandung government warns miners not to ruin Pawon Cave. A government official in Ngamprah said there would be a restriction on mining to prevent karst resources from devastation. Any mining activity in 1 square kilometre (0.4 square miles) around the cave will be prohibited.

Efforts seem to have been undertaken to preserve this historical site. While legislators are said to had been thinking of law enforcement to be taken for the sustainability of natural resources, local government is planning to make the karst site a tourism destination.

Over past few years the urgency for preserving karst resources has been expressed by conservation groups, mainly Bandung Basin Research Group (KRCB), an independent community that has been undertaking surveys on natural resources.

Archaeological and geological researches have discovered some valuable artefacts from the cave. The most important finding is a skull and skeleton of the so-called Pawon Man. According to experts, this archaeological finding could shed lights on early life in Bandung basin some million years ago.***

(Reproduced with kind permission of Pikiran Rakyat, a Bandung-based Indonesian daily newspaper)

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